Slightly Stoopid 3D Live In Las Vegas

Slightly Stoopid 3D Live In Las Vegas – The summer concert season would not be complete without rockin’ show from Slightly Stoopid. What’s expected at a Slightly Stoopid show is a worry-free evening with dancing and fan love to go around. If you haven’t been to a Slightly Stoopid show, think Beastie Boys plus Sublime, and add in a horn section. These guys ROCK hard live. Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald balance the front man role nicely; one has a steady flow- while the other sings the stories drawing out the reggae sounds they’re known for. Despite the underage trend, Slightly Stoopid helped transform a normal Friday night into a mood enhancing, dance-inspiring evening at Mandalay Beach Las Vegas.This exclusive concert was filmed in 3D High Defintion -recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound.